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Latest Innovations in the Dental Implant Technology

Latest Innovations in the Dental Implant Technology

Technological advancements are happening enormously in different industries from the last two decades. And dentistry is no exception. No wonder technological enhancements in the dentistry realm have come a very long way. Back in 1965, the dental implant procedure was done for the very first time.

We can say that earlier, getting the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics in dentistry was not that possible. However, with the help of technological advancements it has become quite easy these days. Dental implants are no less than a pioneer in this direction. Well, dental implantation is one of the most popular dentistry processes of today’s time and age. In fact, there are some great innovations taking place in dental implant technology in recent times, which we are going to unveil in this blog.

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Here are the top three most recent developments in dental implant technologies. They are capable of giving your natural smile back with the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Let’s discuss them in detail!


Computer-guided surgery:

The use of computer-guided surgery to thoroughly analyse the dental implant procedure is perhaps the most remarkable and thrilling development, ensuring that the implant is positioned perfectly and set up for completion. Eventually, this accuracy and predictability ensures less uncertainties during surgery and helps patients to obtain more precise medical outcomes.

Ceramic dental implants:

The use of ceramic in dental implantation is increasing and can be foresighted to enhance even more in the coming time. The biggest reason for it is that ceramic is metal-free making it very corrosion resistant. Besides, the ceramic material blends fully into the jaw bone, forming a stable base. Therefore, the material is less susceptible to temperature fluctuations and tends to decrease oral bacteria to build-up.

Antibacterial coating:

The next giant leap forward in the dental implant niche is a curation of a coating, which will protect food against the toxic acids that are not just harmful to your natural teeth but also dental implants. Consequently, this anti-bacterial coating would make it easier for prosthetics to last for a longer time.

Computer-designed dental implants:

A slight amount of jawbone damage during the operation is often inevitable with the present state of dental technology. Advances in computer-aided design and manufacturing will allow dentists with zero bone loss to complete the operation. The aim is to construct a reproduction of the tooth using digital imaging. It is much more powerful than the two-dimensional radiographs used to build casts to recreate the missing tooth. It will cause the prosthesis to be more correctly placed without missing any bone.

With each passing year, advances in dental implant technologies will continue to develop by making the process of recreating beautiful smiles even simpler!

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